Tuesday, December 13, 2016

DCLA Diamonds has launched

As you know by now buying a diamond can be a difficult process with many pitfalls.

What should I buy?

Where should I buy from?

How much should I pay?

How can I be sure of the quality?

An emotional purchase can often result in overpaying or buying the wrong diamond. 

When it comes to diamonds, The customer is at a competitive disadvantage.

Knowledge, time constraints, bargaining power, misleading valuations or simply rushing into the deal will all contribute to a bad deal.

Advice from the seller is secondary, Sellers primarily want to Sell what they have in stock at the full price possible.

Over the years DCLA Laboratory has helped thousands of trade and consumer buyers with advice on their diamond purchases.

DCLA now officially launches DCLA Diamonds a new and unique initiative. your personal diamond buyer’s agent.

A Buyers agent works for the Buyer providing you with unbiased Advice and help

You wouldn’t make a significant investment decision without consulting a financial adviser or buy a property without the right advice,
so when you buy your diamond engagement diamond why not get the proper expert guidance.

DCLA Diamonds can assess and advise on a diamond you have found, or help you search and assesses thousands of diamonds through our global network.

DCLA Diamonds can negotiate on your behalf, to secure the right diamond at the right price just for you.

Buying with the confidence and industry knowledge of a diamond expert makes sense.

DCLA Diamonds Saving you time and money, putting you first.

Our focus is to assist you in identifying the right diamond for you, and ensuring you pay the right price.

·         We Do the search on your behalf saving you time
·         We Find the right diamond from a international selection
·         We Negotiate the best price on your behalf if requested
·         We can help source, inspect and verify the diamond
In short we protect the Buyer's interests

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