Tuesday, July 14, 2009


14th July 2009

Circular 31/2009

Dear Members


Members are advised that there are certificates of both the GIA and EGL (South Africa) laboratories that have been forged and contain HPHT treated stones and/or certificates that have not been disclosed. This has been verified by both laboratories.

If you are offered certificates where you may have reasons to doubt or need to verify their validity please do not hesitate to ask the laboratories to check the stones before you purchase.

Please note members should take advantage of the Diamond Sure machine which is held at the offices of the Secretariat, Suite 102, S A Diamond Centre. Non-members will be charged a nominal fee.

Any member who becomes aware of any fraudulent activities must please bring it to the attention of the Diamond Dealers Club.

2. Members are asked to advise the Secretariat if they are aware of the present whereabouts of Mr. Asher Mesilati thought to be at 406 Glen Manor, Northfield, Pretoria, whose.ID No is 6209305112188 who we believe can assist us in our enquiries.

Yours sincerely


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