Thursday, January 27, 2011

Natalie Portman's $35,000 engagement ring made from recycled platinum, conflict-free diamonds

All she needs is something blue.

Natalie Portman's sparkling engagement ring has something old, something new and something recycled.

The round-cut center stone is an antique, the pave diamonds are from a conflict-free mine and the band is made of recycled platinum, according to InStyle.

The $35,000 sparkler was designed by jeweler Jamie Wolf, along with Portman's beau, dancer Benjamin Millepied.

Jewelers are inundated with requests from couples who want their engagement rings to be as green as their lifestyles, and more and more are working with artisans who use recycled gold and platinum in their designs.

Jennifer Gandia, the owner of Greenwich Jewelers in Tribeca, told the Daily News that she's noticed an uptick in consumer interest in reclaimed metals along with cruelty free diamonds in the past two years. In fact, 60% to 70% of her clients come in requesting a ring made from recycled or reclaimed metals.

"The ring is a symbol of love and commitment and something that the bride will have forever," she said. "People don't want this symbol to be connected with something that harms the earth or causes suffering or funds something illegal."

There isn't much of a price break on choosing a ring made from recycled gold or platinum versus brand new metal. And diamonds from a mine that utilizes humane practices and follows the stone from rock to ring are likely to be up to 7% pricier than a diamond from a more suspect mine.

Gandia said that she loves when people come into her shop with a family heirloom stone. They can then design the ring exactly as they like, with the materials they want to keep the ring going for generations to come.

"I thought that it was really cool for Natalie Portman to choose a ring like this," Gandia said. "She's vegan, she doesn't wear leather. It's wonderful to have a ring that symbolizes the things she stands for."

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