Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CIBJO Diamond Commission further qualifies definition of diamonds

The Diamond Commission of CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, has further qualified the definition of a diamond in the CIBJO Blue Book following a meeting at the just-ended 2011 CIBJO Congress held in Porto, Portugal.

The Diamond Commission meeting attendees unanimously accepted a proposal that when a gemstone is referred to as a “diamond,” without any qualifier, it is “a mineral consisting essentially of carbon crystallised in the isometric (cubic) crystal system. Its hardness on the Mohs’ scale is 10; its specific gravity is approximately 3.52; it has a refractive index of 2.42."

The proposal goes on to define a mineral as “a naturally occurring material formed by geological processes." Such a gemstone, the commission decided, can also be referred to as a “natural diamond.”

The Diamond Commission also accepted a statement declaring its support for the Kimberley Process Certification System (KPCS), which was presented at the CIBJO General Assembly for approval on Wednesday.

“A robust KPCS is central to the health and welfare of the diamond supply chain. CIBJO urges all jewellers to fully implement the World Diamond Council's system of warranties to ensure all diamonds sold to consumers have been traded consistent with the requirements of the KPCS.

“CIBJO urges the participants of the KPCS to resolve outstanding issues regarding diamond producers and leadership in the KPCS. We urge the KPCS to fulfill its role as steward of the integrity of the diamond supply chain."

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