Sunday, July 24, 2011

Diana's diamonds: William gives Kate his mother's favourite earrings

She already wears Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring. Now the Duchess of Cambridge has another heirloom from her husband’s late mother.

Prince William has given her a pair of Diana’s favourite earrings, also in matching sapphire and diamonds.

Kate, 29, has given them her own style twist, having the studs remodelled into drop earrings.

A courtier is quoted as saying: ‘Now they’re married, William wanted her to have some of his mother’s favourite pieces.’

William said he proposed to Kate with Diana’s 19-carat engagement ring so his mother could be part of the occasion.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore them for the first time when she watched Andy Murray from the Royal Box at Wimbledon last month and also wore them during the couple's official visit to Canada and America.

The earrings were thought to be among Diana's most precious jewels and she was spotted wearing them at dozens of events during the 1980s and 1990s.

It is not the first time the Duchess' style has been compared with the late Princess Diana's.

Kate wore a similar outfit to that of Princess Diana when she visited Canada by donning a maple leaf hat.

Both sported red hats with white dresses during their official visits but Princess Diana made a slightly bolder statement by wearing a matching red scarf.

Crowds across the globe were eager to make comparisons as Diana and Charles made a similar tour in 1983.

Princess Diana was the main attraction with thousands of people waved flags and shouted the slogan 'We Want Di'.

And Prince William's new wife was also a real crowd pleaser and her wardrobe had been one of the main topics of discussion.

The couple are currently deciding on a permanent London base, and are tipped to take Apartment 1a in Kensington Palace, a lavish 19-room suite that was once the home of the late Princess Margaret.

It was reported the couple also considered Apartments 8 and 9, the former marital home of Charles and Diana where William grew up, but Kate is said to have been uncomfortable with the idea.

'They have been to look around Margaret's apartment and like it very much,' said a source.

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