Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Princess Diana engagement ring replica selling well in Britain

In an indication that the popularity of Princess Diana has not faded, retailing giant Marks & Spencer has reported that their copy of the Duchess of Cambridge's ring has now become their biggest selling piece of jewellery ever.

The Duchess, who married Prince William in April, received his mother's engagement sapphire and diamond ring when they announced their wedding – 30 years after Diana received the ring from Prince Charles.

Marks & Spencer said that 200 people have bought the 'Platinum plated Royal ring' every week since it went on sale in March.

As a result, over the past seven months, more than 5,500 pieces have been sold.

The ring that the Duchess of Cambridge received is valued at £250,000 ($400,000) – somewhat higher than the cost of the replica at £13.50.

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