Monday, January 23, 2012

Leo Schachter Diamonds Heads Israel’s Top Polished Exporters List

Leo Schachter Diamonds topped the annual list of Israel’s 25-largest polished diamond exporters for 2011, which was published by the Israel Diamond Controller’s Office in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor today (Monday). This marks the first time in the top spot for the company, which had a net export total of $403 million in 2011 (compared to $359 million in 2010).

For the past 11 years, Lev Leviev Diamonds has held the number one position in the rankings. This year, however, the company asked not to be included in the rankings list.

Despite Leo Schachter’s impressive results, the company’s figures are still down over 2007, when its export level reached $446 million.

Second and third on the list of top exporters are M.I.D. House of Diamonds with $239 million and A.A. Rachminov Diamonds with $216 million. In fourth and fifth place are E.Z.Diamonds Ltd. with $140 million and Yosfe Diamonds International with $130 million in net exports.

Next on the list are Niru Diamonds with $111 million; Arabov Group Ltd. with $102 million; Andre Messika with $101 million and Ofer Mizrachi Diamonds Ltd. with $96 million. In 10th place is Rosy Blue Sales with $85 million in net polished exports.

The total net exports of the 25-largest companies in 2011 stood at $2.44 billion, or about 33 percent of Israel’s net total polished exports of $7.2 billion. The top exporter list does not include 12 companies who opted not to publish their export figures.

According to figures from the Diamond Controller’s Office, the total sum of polished exports of the top 37 companies equaled $3.69 billion, or 51.2 percent of Israel’s net polished exports for 2011.

Source: IDEX Online

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