Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GIA - DCLA grading same stone. Picture of Stone.

GIA F Vs2 - DCLA G I1 Table view 10x magnification, (Visible inclusion to the naked eye)

As viewed from the girdle at 10x magnification through main bottom facet (pavilion)

GIA Certificate Number # 16885382 1.30 ct

DCLA Certificate Number # 171612 1.30 ct

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  1. DCLA can verify your diamond against the diamond grading certificate you purchase it with. We will confirm that the diamond matches the grading certificate, whether it is a DCLA Diamond Certificate, or a certificate issued by another internationally recognised laboratory*. We will also check that the diamond is unaltered or damaged in any way.

    DCLA can verify both loose diamonds and most diamonds mounted in jewellery. Please note, in some cases we may need to request a diamond be removed from its setting in order to perform a conclusive verification.

    *For certificates issued by other international laboratories, DCLA verifies only that the diamond matches the accompanying certificate. DCLA can and will not verify or guarantee the accuracy of grading on a certificate issued by a laboratory other than DCLA.


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