Monday, September 10, 2012

De Beers Diamond Jewellers Unveils 'Imaginary Nature' in Asia

De Beers Diamond Jewellers unveiled its jewelry collection, Imaginary Nature, for the first time in Asia today. The event was attended by award-winning actress, Gigi Leung and Taiwanese actress and model Bianca Bai. De Beers stated that the Imaginary Nature collection exhibits a journey of light, where heightened imagination meets natural beauty with diamonds. de beers jewellers
Francois Delage, the chief executive of De Beers Diamonds Jewellers, said,  “We wanted, through Imaginary Nature, to truly establish our legitimacy as a jeweler and to express our vision through a strong creative and contemporary gesture. Our unique designs inspired by our DNA bring to life our brand essence – The Jeweller of Light – by creating exquisite pieces, moments and movements from a journey from earth to light. The eight one-of-a-kind creations sublime our diamond mastery and jewelry know-how, and we are delighted to now unveil them in Asia.”
Each Imaginary Nature piece balances the contrasts of the natural world with the drama of an ascent and the grace of gliding, according to De Beers. These rich contradictions are conveyed through an array of diamond cuts and settings.  Radiant pear-cut diamonds were set on a tilt in a way to  engage light and trace movement.  By contrast, the definite angles of the baguettes against  round brilliant diamonds punctuate each piece with tradition and brilliance.
Leung (pictured) said, “It is so refreshing to see a contemporary take on high jewelry, the three-dimensional aspect and the interplay of light between different diamond cuts is truly unique.”
Hollie Bonneville-Barden, the jewelry designer, added, “Imaginary Nature represents an exhilarating yet elegant display of evolution, inspired by the beauty of transformations within nature, which are realized in a story of metamorphosis. Each piece reveals a unique gesture inspired by the essence of nature. With the diamond as our muse, the collection is centered on diamonds of character, focused on pears and baguettes to create a language of movement and fluidity.”


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