Sunday, December 16, 2012

HRD Antwerp Launches Screening for Synthetic Diamonds

HRD Antwerp has introduced a new service to help in the fight to keep undisclosed synthetic diamonds out of the market.
The new check will help diamond traders to ascertain that all stones in a polished diamond parcel are natural by screening parcels of near colorless polished diamonds for HPHT and CVD synthetics, HPHT-treated diamonds and diamond imitations.  

The examination applies to parcels containing a minimum of 20 diamonds, ranging from 0.05-0.49 carats with a color range between D and L.
Once the screening has been completed, the client will receive a sealed parcel containing a screening report. The wording of the report states, “This parcel only consists of natural diamonds, not synthetic and not HPHT treated.” 

If a possibly synthetic or HPHT-treated diamond or diamond imitation is discovered, the suspect items will be removed and returned in a separate parcel.

The service is currently provided by HRD Antwerp in Antwerp and Mumbai.


DCLA in Sydney is the only Laboratory that has screened every diamond ever certified. 

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