Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thieves Use Ice Picks To Nab $500,000 In Diamonds

Half a million dollars worth of diamonds and precious gems were stolen at a Seattle, Washington shopping mall last week, Fox News reports. The stones were stolen from a jewelry courier as he was preparing a case to take on a delivery.

The courier told law enforcement officials that he was accosted by men who emerged from a van and threatened him with ice picks. According to the courier's version of the events, one of the men grabbed the case carrying the gems from his hands, while another man used the ice pick to hold him back. One of these assailants also punctured one of the tires on the courier's vehicle. The courier, who suffered no injuries, was unable to say, however, whether there had been two or three thieves, according to Fox News.
There was no word on whether the stolen gems were rough diamonds or polished diamonds.

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