Sunday, July 7, 2013

Botswana's Diamond Exports Increased

In the last month for which there are statistics, Botswana exported a significantly increased amount of diamonds, Rough and Polished reports. Statistics Botswana noted that while the country's overall exports were $717 million for the month of March, they rose by 4.2% to hit $752 million worth for the month of April. Of the April figure, rough diamonds and polished diamonds constituted a full 86.1% of the country's exports by value, amounting to $648 million.botzwana
Botswana's imports decreased from March to April, meaning that its trade surplus improved, to $67.4 million. This figure continued a two-month trend, after trade surpluses of $31.2 million in February and $43 million in March.
After $266 million worth of imports in March, Botswana imported $254 million worth of goods in April. Diamonds accounted for 36.9% of that import figure, according to Rough and Polished.

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