Sunday, July 6, 2014

WFDB Instructs Bourses To Adopt Diamond Declaration

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses is directing all of its affiliated diamond exchanges, thirty in total, to append a specifically worded declaration to all of its invoices and memos from now on, the Israel Diamond Exchange reports. The sentence of text is a proclamation that as far as the author of the document is aware, all diamonds referred to therein are natural diamonds, not synthetic diamonds, and that they have not been treated.

The appended text to be added to invoices is as follows: "The diamonds herein invoiced are exclusively of natural origin and untreated based on personal knowledge and/or written assurances provided to us by the suppliers of these diamonds." The appended text for memos is identical to the text above, with only the word memo substituted for the word invoice.

The move comes at a time when diamantaires are increasingly worried about reported cases in which lab-made diamonds were passed off as natural diamonds, which are significantly more expensive to produce.

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