Monday, February 4, 2013

FirstGold™ is a new gold and silver saving plan.

  • Save as much or as little as you choose.
  • Manage your savings online
  • Works with your self-managed super fund
  • Dollar-cost averaging saving strategy
  • Accumulate your wealth over time
  • Independent periodic audits of your savings

    With no hidden fees or unnecessary terms and conditions, FirstGold™ makes it Simple to buy gold and silver by offering Smart ways to save in Real bullion that is 100% backed by physical gold and silver totally in your name. 

    FirstGold™ can help you save for a golden future. It’s easy to get smart and get started!


    Our unique online gold savings account is simple, secure and convenient to use:

    1To begin on the path to growing your money into gold savings that will help you achieve your goals, just complete the details on our registration page and choose a password. It’s that simple!
    2Decide whether you would like to start one of our unique gold savings plans or if you would just like to make a one-off purchase of gold bullion. We’re all about flexibility so you say how you want to pay. As long as we receive confirmation that funds have been cleared in our bank by the next day, you’re all set for smarter saving!
    3Once we receive confirmation of your payment, your bullion is purchased immediately and your real savings will be placed in our secure Custodian vault. You’ll be able to see your growing wealth on your account dashboard online.
    FirstGold™ gives you the freedom to buy, sell, or take deliver of your physical savings. Your future is in your hands. Get smart. Get real.

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