Monday, February 25, 2013

Nearly $1B in Diamonds For Sale at IDE's U.S. & Intl. Diamond Week

More than 150 Israeli diamond firms have signed up to take part in the first  U.S./International Diamond Week planned in March on the trading floor of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE).

IDE's president, Yair Sahar, said, "The number of applications for participation in this inaugural event has mushroomed to more than 150 Israeli companies. Luckily, our trading floor is very spacious so will be able to handle the traffic."
As the number of participants has increased, so has the amount of goods to be offered for sale at the IDE at the March 17 to 20 event. Moti Fluk, IDE's vice president added, "We estimate that the value of the goods in the trading hall will exceed the $1 billion dollar mark. This would be an impossible achievement to pull off anywhere else, but the diamond week is taking place within the bourse complex, on the trading floor, where the security is second to none."
Meanwhile, two more special sales opportunities have been added to the unprecedented offering of polished diamonds on the exchange trading floor. I. Hennig and Fusion Alternatives, who are holding a joint event, and the Rapaport Group announced that, in addition to their respective scheduled rough diamond tenders, they will hold two auctions of polished goods.
The dates of the I. Hennig-Fusion Alternatives polished auction coincide with those of the U.S./International Diamond Week, while the Rapaport Group will hold its auction earlier in March. The polished auctions are held in addition to rough diamond tenders organized by I. Hennig/Fusion Alternatives, eDiamond and Rapaport, as well as an exclusive auction for special loose diamonds and extraordinary diamond jewelry pieces by Tzoffey's 1818.  
Buyers will be offered four free hotel nights at the Leonardo Hotel, located opposite the Ramat Gan diamond exchange complex. The complimentary hotel accommodation is being provided courtesy of the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI).

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