Sunday, March 3, 2013

Russians To Uncover Underground Botswana Diamonds

The introduction of new technology provided by a Russian firm will lead to the discovery of subterranean sources of rough diamonds in the southern African nation of Botswana, Mining Weekly reports. John Teeling, executive chair of the Irish-owned diamond company Botswana Diamonds, revealed that the firm's new joint venture partner has the capability to identify large underground deposits of diamondiferous kimberlites.
Until now, all of the diamond mines that have been discovered in Botswana have been either on the surface or else quite close to the surface, so the import of the new technology will signal a new phase in the country's diamond industry.
If the joint venture agreement is soon sealed as expected, the new technology will be used to probe deposits 100 meters below the sand and basalt at ground level and used at the 12 concessions northeast of the Orapa region that Botswana Diamonds has applied for and is awaiting confirmation on.

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