Monday, August 26, 2013

Kennady Intersects 70-Meters of Kimberlite at Kelvin

Kennady Diamonds Inc. intersected more than  70 meters of kimberlite in a step-out drilling exercise  to the northwest of its main Kelvin kimberlite. Delineation drilling, which has been taking place approximately 100 meters from Kelvin Lake, and more than 300 meters from the main Kelvin kimberlite, is increasing confidence in the tonnage potential of the Kelvin kimberlite, according to the junior explorer.
Patrick Evans, the CEO of Kennady Diamonds, explained, "We are particularly encouraged that the step-out drilling continues to intersect kimberlite more than 300 meter to the northwest of the main Kelvin kimberlite. This is the farthest to the northwest that kimberlite has been intersected and the kimberlite body continues to demonstrate substantial widths. Delineation drilling to determine the limits of the kimberlite emplacement is continuing."
Kennady Diamonds reported that more than 3 tonnes of kimberlite have been recovered to date from approximately 3,000 meters of drilling, which is well in excess of the targets set for this current program.  At the conclusion of the drill program within the next two weeks, the recovered kimberlite will be dispatched to the Geoanalytical Laboratories Diamond Services at the Saskatchewan Research Council for recovery of diamonds by caustic fusion.
"We expect to release diamond recovery results early in the fourth quarter. The additional data will facilitate progress towards the first resource statement for the Kennady North project and also add significantly to our diamond database," Evans said.

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