Monday, November 11, 2013

Mark Ingram Buys $120,000 Rare Black Diamond Jewelry

New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram Jr. scored big while expanding his fine jewelry collection.
The former Heisman Trophy winner is redefining men’s jewelry with his taste in black diamond jewelry. His most recent purchase through New York City jeweler Avianne & Co. is a black diamond chain set, which includes a bracelet, chain and ring, and retails for $120,000.
His 36-inch black diamond chain features more than 300 carats in diamonds, each of which is five carats. Avianne & Co. has seen a rise in purchases of jewelry that features the more rare black diamond.
“A lot of time goes into preparing a black diamond to be set in a piece,” said Joe Avianne. “Black diamonds are typically more difficult to cut than normal diamonds and they create an air of elegance and prestige because so few people own black diamonds.”
Other celebrities enjoy jewelry featuring black diamonds in their pieces. Recently, Anthony "Romeo" Santos who bought a $30,000 black diamond necklace with a 117 carat total diamond weight from Avianne & Co.
Ingram’s purchase also includes a Cuban link chain created with 14-karat yellow gold for $25,000. The Cuban link was popular in the 1980s and 1990s and has increased in popularity as more and more celebrities add them to their wardrobes.
“Items such as Cuban link chains are seeing a significant resurgence as a result of contemporary tastes,” said Avianne. “Being the jewelers of choice for many celebrity fashion icons, we always must ensure that our designs remain at the forefront of en vogue styles.”
Ingram completed his purchase with a mini rope chain and a customized Jesus pendant.

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