Monday, January 27, 2014

Fifth Antwerp Diamond Fair Opens to Praise from Visitors

The fifth edition of the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair (ADTF) opened on January 26 with buyers from all over the world streaming into the trading halls of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, the Diamond Club of Antwerp and the Antwerp Diamond Kring exchanges. The diamond trading floors, which have been converted into three elegantly designed exhibition spaces, host close to 90 of Antwerp's leading diamond manufacturing and trading firms, displaying the widest possible variety of polished diamonds.

Pilar Bonson Lopez of Tiramisu from Barcelona, Spain, said she was impressed with the choice within the narrow niche of goods she was sourcing for her company. "I am looking for diamonds up to a carat, but mostly for smaller goods, in commercial clarities and colors," she said. "These goods are usually in high demand and therefore difficult to find. At this unique fair, I have a good selection of goods to choose from."

Fei Liu, a Chinese-born jeweler based in Birmingham, U.K. and with retail jewelry operations in China, said he was looking for larger goods, in round, fancy shapes and also in fancy colors. "This is a fantastic experience, to find not only a lot of goods on the floor, but also so many goods that can be compared to each other," he said. "I have bought lots of diamonds in my career, and Antwerp definitely is demonstrating its competitive edge with this fair and its exclusive format."

Rafif Tarabishi, the general manager of Al Masaood Jewellery in Abu Dhabi who often visits Antwerp, said, "But this my first time at the ADTF and the format is brilliant, as it enables me not only to meet my trusted suppliers, but also make many more new contacts. This show will certainly serve both exhibitors and buyers well, as I get to see, find and source more goods than during a regular business trip here. Keep up the good work." he concluded.

The Antwerp Diamond Bourse, Diamond Club of Antwerp and the Antwerp Diamond Kring are happy that the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair is powered by the AWDC.

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