Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sarin Offers Galaxy Ultra in India, Israel

Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed Sarin Technologies Ltd., a worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing, marketing and sale of precision technology products for the planning, processing, evaluation and measurement of diamonds and gems, announced today that, with the successful culmination of the Galaxy Ultra testing in Surat, India, it is launching the commercial service of the Galaxy Ultra in the Surat and Tel-Aviv service centers.
Sarin Technology's Galaxy 1000
Service at additional service centers will commence subsequently, as warranted by demand, and sales and delivery of Galaxy Ultra systems to interested customers is expected later in 2014. The new Galaxy Ultra offers significant advantages to manufacturers as it provides inclusion scanning of the rough diamond at microscope-level magnification, in addition to the normal scanning executed by the standard Galaxy systems. This allows the detection of inclusions with single-micron resolution, including the detection of clouds of inclusions of single micron size. Users will thus be able to inspect seemingly clean areas of rough diamonds with extra-high accuracy and determine with a higher level of confidence whether they can achieve an internally flawless (IF) clarity grade.
The scanning, detection and inclusion mapping on the Ultra are fully automatic, even at this high level of resolution, not like alternative solutions, where one needs to manually and tediously browse the stone using a microscope, micron layer by micron layer.
“We are proud of being able to offer the market this newest member of the Galaxy family of automated inclusion scanning systems. With its introduction, manufacturers can now take advantage of the Galaxy's unique characteristics - its execution of comprehensive inclusion mapping, automatically and at unmatched speeds, and also benefit from microscope-level resolution and accuracy,” said Uzi Levami, Sarin’s executive director and CEO.
“We believe that Sarin’s customers will significantly benefit from the new capabilities offered by the Ultra, as they will be able to truly optimize the quality and value of the polished diamonds they produce from their high quality rough stones and more confidently achieve far more finished diamonds with IF and VVS Clarity grades,” he said.
About Sarin Technologies:
Established in 1988, Sarin Technologies Ltd. is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced planning, evaluation and measurement systems for diamond and gemstone production. Sarin products include diamond cut, color and light performance grading tools, the GalaxyTM family of inclusion mapping systems, rough diamond optimization systems, laser cutting and shaping systems and laser-marking and inscription machines. Sarin systems have become an essential gemology tool in every properly equipped gem lab, diamond appraisal business and manufacturing plant, and are today considered essential items by both diamond dealers and retailers.

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