Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bikers rob courier agent of diamonds worth Rs 2 crore

A case of robbery against three unidentified men, who snatched a bag containing gold and diamond ornaments worth Rs2 crore from an employee of a courier company, and fled, was registered on Thursday. The incident took place around 10.30am when Sanjay Soni and Dilip Vyas had gone to the domestic air
port to collect two parcels, which were being brought in by the Jet Airways flight from Delhi.

Both Soni and Vyas are employed with the Ashok Courier Company located in Kunkuwadi in Vile Parle (East),

After collecting the parcel containing the valuables, Soni hired a rickshaw and left, while Vyas decided to wait for his turn to collect the parcel at the airport.

Due to traffic congestion, Soni’s rickshaw stopped for a while near Vile Parle station, following which two men entered the three-wheeler from each side and snatched the parcel from Soni at gun point, the police said.

The accused then got off the rickshaw and sat on a bike where one person was already waiting for them and the trio sped away soon after. Soni then approached the police and lodged a complaint.

Confirming the robbery, SN Chaudhary, deputy commissioner of police (zone 8), said, “We are investigating into the case.”

The area near Vile Parle railway station where the theft took place is very crowded and hence it would have been difficult for the accused to get away with the stolen booty without raising a suspicion, said a senior officer from Vile Parle police station, on condition of anonymity, as he is not authorised to speak to the media.

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