Sunday, June 5, 2011

Diamond company swindled of $100 000

A Harare businessman Bernard Mahara Mutanga was arrested last week and charged with theft after he allegedly swindled a business partner of $100 000 in a botched diamond purchasing deal.

Mutanga, who is the chief executive officer of Braitwood Institute of Gemology, is alleged to have duped African Star Diamonds, represented by Hatineti Kevin Sachikonye, into believing he could buy diamonds on the company’s behalf, but allegedly failed to deliver the gems after he converted the cash to his own use.

It is alleged sometime in February this year, African Star Diamond, a company registered to buy and polish diamonds, experienced financial problems in acquiring diamonds from Minerals Marketing Cooperation of Zimbabwe.

Last month, Sachikonye, approached a colleague Happymore Mapara for assistance and Mapara in turn allegedly referred him to Mutanga, who is also in the business of buying and polishing diamonds.

On May 4, Sachikonye is alleged to have met Mutanga at his company offices in Alexandra Park where the two allegedly sealed a deal after Mutanga offered to purchase the diamonds on behalf of Sachikonye’s company.

It is alleged Mutanga then instructed Sachikonye to deposit part of the money for diamond purchases into Braitwood’s bank account.

Sachikonye allegedly complied and and transferred
$100 000 between May 10 and 11.

After allegedly transferring the cash, Mutanga allegedly withdrew the cash and converted it to his own use.

Sachikonye later made follow-ups, but failed to get the diamonds or a refund from Mutanga leading him to report the matter to police.

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