Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How and where to Sell a Diamond Engagement Ring or Diamond Jewellery

You may have also realised the valuation will not help you sell the stone in the trade.
NO Surprise, Getting back the some of the money you spent depends on where you bought,  and more importantly what you bought !
DCLA tips:
  • Recognised Certificates add to resale value of your diamond jewellery, especially if the diamond is certificated by recognised laboratories. (IDC laboratories DCLA, HRD  or GIA and  AGS) these certificates will protect you when selling to the dealer.
  • Make sure the diamond you buy is the diamond that is reported on the certificate. (Laser inscription is critical).
  • Know what you have, not you were told ! pricing is based on the 4c’s  (carat weight, Shape or cut, colour and clarity)
  • The make or cut of the diamond is important. Make sure the certificate has the proportion grade. Some certificates do not have one.
  • Remember, valuations are for insurance purposes, they include the jewellers profit and a healthy margin in case of replacement. These are not certificates!
How to Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring
Selling a diamond engagement ring is easy if you have bought well and have the correct certification from a recognised Laboratory. If you have bought your diamond with a valuation or a unrecognised local certificate you will need to have the stone certificated to get the correct price.
DCLA in Sydney, HRD  in Antwerp  or the GIA in the USA will make your sale a lot easier.
How do you set the price?
The wholesale price for diamonds or the Rapp list is not available to the public. Call the DCLA for an indication on the value.
Or visit online stores like for a indication on the retail price. Keep in mind this will have the retail margin.
Once you have your diamond certified, and have a indicative wholesale or retail price. Then we recommend you shop around for a price.
Remember diamonds are priced in USD dollars so the higher the AUD Dollar gets the cheaper the diamond is to buy in Australia.

Do NOT leave you diamond or diamond jewellery on consignment, if the person can’t pay then go elsewhere.
If you not able to sell and the stone has no bad karma associated.
Then it may be best to keep the diamond and reset it into another piece of Jewellery.

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