Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Large Diamonds Discovered in Angola

 angola diamond

An Australian diamond company discovered large gem-quality diamonds at a concession in the southern African nation of Angola, Diamond News reported. Lonrho Mining Limited said that it found a 38.3-carat stone and a 131.5-carat stone at its 3,000-square-kilometer Lulo concession in the Cacuilo River valley.
 diamond mine

The larger of the two diamonds, recovered from the BLK08 bulk sample at the site, is far and away the single largest gem-quality diamond unearthed by the Lonrho company at the Lulo alluvial diamond deposits. The smaller of the two diamonds is the third-largest diamond discovered since Lonhro been sifting through gravels at the Lulo site in 2010.
Lonhro is now preparing for a kimberlite drill test of 61 prioritized targets, according to Diamond News. The firm's managing director Miles Kennedy said that the sheer size of the large diamond just discovered is a testament to the fact that its kimberlite source must be nearby.

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