Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DCLA Official CIBJO laboratory

SPECIALIZING: Diamond grading services and sealing and laser inscription. Grading rules and methods are in accordance with the International Diamond Council (IDC).  Official CIBJO laboratory for Australia.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Standard gemological equipment for diamond grading and testing, including DiamondView and DiamondSure, Sarin DiaMension and DiaScan systems, HRD D-Scopes, Zeiss Stemi microscopes, Eickhorst lighting, photographic HRD D-Scope, SSEF Type IIa spotter and blue diamond tester, Macbeth Judge II special purpose lighting and  PhotoScribe cold laser.

SERVICES OFFERED: Grading reports with security seal, UV text and consultations, cold laser inscription and CertiCard sealing.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: A diamond grading course and a jeweler training course.

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