Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bid to smuggle diamonds worth Dhs4m foiled

Dubai: Dubai Customs inspectors foiled an attempt to smuggle more than a kilogramme of diamonds by two Arab nationals, who concealed the diamonds in their stomach so as to avoid paying customs tariffs.

The diamonds, in total, were valued at Dhs4m.

According to Ali Moqhawi, Director of the Department of Airport Operations at Dubai Customs, the smugglers were coming separately from two African countries, but the skilful customs inspectors at ports detected their smuggling attempts.

He revealed that the details of the first case date back to the time when the customs inspectors at the airport terminal No.1 suspected an Arab national traveller on his way to customs who was behaving strangely.

When he was searched at the front desk, nothing was found.

His luggage was also clear and so was subjected to a body scan that showed strange objects in his stomach. On being questioned, investigators found that he concealed 316 grammes of diamonds in his stomach.

Moqhawi added that in a similar incident, an Arab traveller at the Dubai International Airport headed to the gold office in Terminal 1 to declare an amount of diamond ore. He presented the certificates of the diamond but his actions aroused the suspicions of the customs inspectors.

After he underwent a scan, objects were detected in his guts. On being questioned, investigators found that he concealed 700 grammes of diamonds in his stomach.

The two suspects were referred to the office of the Dubai Police at the airport for further procedures.

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