Monday, November 26, 2012

Interesting facts about diamonds

If you are a woman, who believes that diamonds are a girl's best friends and love these sparkling stones, get yourself acquainted with these little-known but impressive facts about this unique precious stone.

They come in many colours
When you first think of diamonds, a pristine white stone comes to our mind. No double, white or clear diamonds are the most popular ones, while black diamonds are well-known as well. But did you know that they come in pretty much every other colour, like pink, blue or even yellow? While coloured diamonds aren't as popular as the standard ones, they definitely give the wearer an unconventional touch.
More than just jewels
They may look gorgeous, set in necklaces or rings, but diamonds have other uses as well. Special blades to drills and polish tools, eye glasses, or to cut and engrave other precious stones — diamonds are used in all these and more. This is because of this stone's ability to cut through most substances.
Not so rare
Most people are under the impression that diamonds are extremely rare and unique stones, hard to acquire. Many of them are about two to three billion years old, so naturally, we are willing to pay the astonishing price they are sold at. But even though diamonds are a luxury item just like your vintage Chanel bag or Gucci shoes, they wouldn't be so expensive if the demand didn't exceed the supply greatly!
Lab-grown diamonds
As expensive as real diamonds, there are lab-grown diamonds available in the market. The companies that specialise in producing artificial diamonds do everything that nature does to produce natural diamonds. Hence, the ones artificially produced look, feel, and shine or, in short, have the properties of natural diamonds. So now, a diamond can be made in just a couple of days!

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