Thursday, November 1, 2012

World's 20 Highest Value Diamond Mines

diamonds are far rarer than gold. Only about 175,000 tons of gold have been mined in all of human history. The estimate for total rough diamond production is around 500 tons, of which just 20% to 30% are gem-quality stones.
The value of scarcity is indicated in the difference between the price of gold, currently around $1,700/ounce, and as much as $1,800/carat for a diamond. There are 5 carats in a gram and about 30 grams in an ounce, for a diamond price of $270,000/ounce. At the average price of $100/carat, an ounce of diamonds costs nearly two times as much as an ounce of gold.

MineCompanyEstimated $ per tonne revenue 2011
International [UG]Alrosaover 250
NyurbinskayaAlrosaover 250
Mir [UG]Alrosaover 250
Aikhal [UG]Alrosaover 250
DiavikRio Tinto /Harry Winstonover 250
JwanengDebswanaover 250
Snap LakeDe Beers100 to 250
Udachny [OP]Alrosa100 to 250
EkatiBHP100 to 250
VictorDe Beers100 to 250
MurowaRio100 to 250
LethlekaneDebswana100 to 250
FissuresPetra Diamonds 100 to 250
OrapaDebswana100 to 250
VenetiaDe Beers50 to 100
JubileeAlrosa50 to 100
Archangelskaya pipeAlrosa50 to 100
KimberleyDe Beers50 to 100
CullinanPetra50 to 100
VoorspoedDe Beersunder 50

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