Sunday, September 1, 2013

2 Indicted For Stealing 6 Figures Worth Of Diamonds

Two American men were indicted for each stealing over a hundred thousand dollars worth of polished diamonds, in two separate and unrelated incidents. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that a man stole $147,000 worth of diamonds from a Zales jewelry store in Las Vegas then hit up another Zales outlet the following day in San Bernardino, California. Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported that another man stole $128,000 worth of diamonds, coins, gold, jewelry and other items while working for the United States Postal Services in Rochester, New York.
The Las Vegas heist involved three men entering a Zales store and two of them distracting one of the employees while a third reached over the counter to unlock a case and remove its contents. The theft was not noticed until the inventory was catalogued at the end of the day, but video surveillance helped police nab one of the alleged perpetrators.
The man charged with the mail thefts in Rochester pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in December.

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