Monday, October 14, 2013

Argyle Tender's Top Lot Achieves Over $2M

Rio Tinto’s 2013 Argyle Pink Diamonds tender achieved strong results with the top lot sold for over $2 million, the company reported.

According to the company's estimations, the Argyle Phoenix, a 1.56-carat, fancy red diamond, achieved the highest per carat price for a diamond ever produced from the Argyle mine, while the Argyle Dauphine, a 2.51-carat, fancy deep pink diamond, broke the record for the highest price paid for an Argyle diamond in value as well as setting a world record for a fancy deep pink diamond. The company did not disclose the final sale amounts.

The tender offered 64 diamonds from the Argyle mine in Australia, including three fancy red diamonds, and one pink, red and blue diamond ranging in size from 0.20 carats to 3.02 carats. The tender was 100 percent sold by lot.

The company noted that both established and emerging markets were represented in the winning bids, with a record number of bids achieving over $1 million. The top lot drew bids of over $2 million.

“We are delighted with the results for the 2013 tender collection, which are a reflection of their rarity, provenance and global reach," said Jean-Marc Lieberherr, Rio Tinto's managing director.

The Argyle underground mine produces more than 90 percent of the world’s rare pink diamonds.

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