Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Graff Recreates 'Hair & Jewel' With Half-Billion-Dollar Diamond Jewel Hairstyle

Laurence Graff, to mark his 66th year as a diamond jeweler, recreated an iconic statement Tuesday that helped to propel his brand to the forefront of the luxury world.
Known as “Hair & Jewel,” Graff in 1970 unveiled a photo of a model wearing an ornate coiffure decorated with $1 million dollars of diamonds and precious gems. The photo received international attention and became a landmark promotion for Graff Diamonds, founded only 10 years earlier.
Graff said Tuesday the original idea for Hair & Jewel originated from his travels around the world carrying a suitcase of Graff diamond jewelry.
“I recognized the importance of establishing the Graff Diamonds brand globally,” he said. “The creation of the $1million Hair & Jewel provided the perfect opportunity to do this.”
Graff Diamonds is now one of world’s best known international luxury brands and to celebrate Graff’s 66th year in the jewelry industry, he recreated Hair & Jewel, only this time using $500 million worth of precious jewels. It’s a clear statement by Graff using a memorable promotion to show the world how far he has come.
The hair of model Dalia Gunther was crafted by Eamonn Hughes using 22 rare jewels created at Graff’s headquarters in London. The images were photographed by David Slijper. The jewels used for the recreation include the following:
Graff “Sweethearts” earrings, featuring 51.53-carat and 50.76-carat D color Flawless type IIA heart shape diamonds;
A selection of jewelry crafted from the 550ct Letšeng Star, the 14th largest white rough diamond ever discovered;10.47-carat fancy vivid blue internally flawless briolette diamond pendant; 52.73-carat fancy vivid yellow emerald cut diamond ring; and 6.51-carat fancy intense pink internally flawless oval cut diamond ring. Graff, speaking about the original concept said, “Until this time, images showing fine jewelry were typically modeled in a more conservative style. This image broke the mold by using a younger model and created the idea of diamonds being aspirational to younger women. “Hair & Jewel created an interest and excitement for the jewelry crafted by Graff, which continues to this day.”

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