Sunday, March 23, 2014

HRD Antwerp Launching Certificate For Laboratory Grown Diamonds

HRD Antwerp is launching a Laboratory Grown Diamond Certificate in the wake of recent concerns about lab-grown diamonds entering the market undisclosed.
In accordance with International Diamond Council rules, the HRD Antwerp Laboratory Grown Diamond Certificate looks different from the standard certificate and mentions the clear wording “Laboratory Grown Diamond Certificate” on the cover.

Each laboratory grown diamond is clearly laser inscribed and the laser inscription is mentioned on the certificate, including a reference number and statement that the diamond has been lab-grown.

Each Laboratory Grown Diamond Certificate includes the same unique safety features as the standard HRD Antwerp diamond certificate, such as a watermark, embossed logo, fluorescent marks, line structure and a micro text.

HRD Antwerp CEO Serge Couvreur said, "Today, laboratory grown diamonds are commonly traded at prices that are 30-60 percent lower in comparison to natural diamonds, which take millions of years to grow.

"We feel that it is important that consumers are properly informed about the origin of the diamonds they buy. HRD Antwerp’s Laboratory Grown Diamond Certificate provides an objective and independent analysis of the diamond. After all, consumer confidence is our absolute number one priority.”

HRD Antwerp said in a statement that although lab-grown diamonds are still a relatively small market segment, production is rising significantly.

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