Sunday, March 30, 2014


The Rainbow Collection, a unique collection of some 300 fancy colored diamonds owned by Belgian diamantaire Eddy Elzas, will be the chief exhibit in the trading hall of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) during the upcoming U.S. & International Diamond Week scheduled for April 6-10. 

After the conclusion of Diamond Week, the Rainbow Collection will be exhibited for the public at large until April 26 at the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum in the Ramat Gan diamond exchange complex. 
Elzas, who started his collection some 40 years ago, said this is the 57th time his collection has been exhibited. "The historical value of this collection cannot be estimated. I started the collection at a time when fancy colored diamonds were regarded as inferior diamonds. These days, of course, are long gone!" Elzas recalled. "I am thrilled to be showing this collection for the first time in Israel, and the US & International Diamond Week is a perfect platform for showing this unique palette of fancy colored diamonds, including three rare, red diamonds," he added.
IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer said the collection would draw a great deal of attention, both from Israel Diamond Exchange members and buyers. "Israel is a leading manufacturing and trading hub for fancy colored diamonds and I count on overwhelming interest in this unique showpiece. And I am delighted that through the generous support of the Israel Diamond Institute and the cooperation with the Harry Oppenheimer Museum, the Israeli public will be able to get to see the Rainbow Collection as well."

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