Thursday, June 6, 2013

OGI Systems Launches CFire Performance System

OGI Systems Group launched the ultimate and most versatile Visual Light Performance grading system for diamonds in the market. The new device was presented for the first time at the JCK Las Vegas fair 2013.
Following extensive research and development, OGI Systems successfully developed a unique technology for analysis and absolute grading of the diamond's light performance and beauty.
Gemstones of any shape, including branded gems, are evaluated based on the standard for their shape and measured on four factors: Brilliance, Fire, Scintillation and Contrast. CFire-produced certificates can be used as approval of your diamond's quality.
The CFire provides jewelers and jewelry stores an innovative tool for promoting sales of their jewelry and diamonds:
• A seller can perform and present a comparison between two different stones so as to convince the customer to buy the more beautiful one.
• Inclusions and gletz can be detected and graded.
• A jewelry store seller can excite potential customers by presenting the live scintillation and beauty of the stone.
• The jeweler can use this device to allocate two stones of similar parameters and similar light performance so as to create a pair of earrings that are identical in their beauty.
• The seller can showcase their diamonds and jewelry by including their visual light performance parameters by printing certificates or magnetic cards.
• All these visual light images can then be captured and shared on your website and social media pages via PC, laptop or smartphone.
OGI continues to lead the market with breakthrough technology and provide its customers with the best solutions.

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